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How to style trench coat, high street wardrobe must-have clothes for autumn. Streetstyle outfit inspiration.

Playing with a few wardrobe pieces that we all have because they are so easy to wear and enjoy. And essentially, these are the clothes to live in, without restrictions or having to worry about this or that. 

Another reason for me to love this outfit is the cost of it. The entire look comes under £200. Yes, designer clothes may be desirable and easy to put together, but high street has so many beautiful things that can serve us for years without breaking the bank. Style isn't about the label or price tag, after all. 

If you aren't into wearing sweaters on their own, this t-shirt will be perfect. Oh, and may I just mention the bag? I have a soft spot for these quilted bag, they are so huggable, so tactile. 

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Image credit: Pixabay

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