Look #020819


Inspired by the colours of nature, an outfit of olive dress, studded sandals, croc bag and a scarf styled with Mango, Laurence Dacade, H&M, Whistles, vintage Dior and best of high street for look-a-porter.com fashion blog
Well, I got inspired today. By a tree, believe it or not. Earlier Emily of Fashion Foie Gras posted a picture in her stories. It was a simple shot of a tree with a heart drawn upon its camo texture. And it was the texture and its colours that got me dreaming...

So I sat here and put a few things together for the fun of it. As nature intended. 
More to come, so stop by when you need a dose of green... 

P.S. The scarf is here to wrap around the wrist and top up with a cuff. If not, pop it on your head or tie around your neck. The choice is yours. I am just a messenger.

Photo source: Emily of Fashion Foie Gras / Instagram

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