Look #14


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Clearly, I cannot imagine a good wardrobe without a pair of jeans... I tried to be without them once - even made myself a promise to stick to skirts and trousers for a number of months, but failed. I tried not to use them much here, too, but told myself not to be silly and simply embrace my love of denim. So here's another way to wear a trusted classic - with a beautiful top and heels, for a night out, tete-a-tete or, as Cameron Diaz once  said, when you "have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear..." Just put on a pair of jeans and be the most beautiful and confident version of you! 

Photo source: (c) Courtney Tight via Flickr



  1. Oh,my.....:)))
    HOW I must laugh about these words of Cameron Diaz!.....
    And HOW you are right,dear Natashen'ka:))))
    Pair jeans+lace and heels-one of the mostly adorable way to wear denim!
    Have a Beautiful weekend:)

  2. Love it so much! So stylish.


    P.S. I'm your new follower. Looking forward to more chic ideas. Love your blog!